Lacoste L!ve in Berlin

  • Client issue

    1. Unveiling a new fashion collection is often limited to a few shots in a catalogue or sophisticated staging, without any anchorage in real life.
    2. Imagine if a new collection could be presented to you in the context of a real journey, lived by people like you and not actors, and that they would invite you to visit the coolest places in town?

    Point of view

    1. For the presentation of its new Fall/Winter 2011-12 collection, Lacoste L!ve stays in Berlin, the unofficial capital city of alternative culture.
    2. Lacoste L!ve in Berlin is a unique opportunity to follow Berlin hipsters around their city, a place comprised of unconventional and fresh places, thanks to a digital experience.


    1. 1) The Experience
    2. • Watch the film of the journey in Berlin and mix it according to your own score.
    3. • Interact with the film by doing the photo booth scene yourself, thanks to the Crocoshop Facebook application.
    4. • Access the pages of clothing worn by people in the film, in a contextual way.
    5. 2) The City Guide
    6. • Two Berlin hipsters, selected by Lacoste L!ve, guide you through their city and take you to hidden places, presented in two videos.
    7. • These places are marked on a Google Map that users can add their own favourite unconventional, chic places to as well.
    8. 3) Accessible Content:
    9. •  Facebook, Google+, YouTube and blogs


    1. • The Lacoste L!ve in Berlin digital experience really met its public and brought 100,000 additional fans to the brand’s Facebook page
    2. • 350,000 videos were watched on Youtube spontaneously, without any dedicated media coverage