L'Oréal Paris Instant Beauty

  • Customer issue

    1. Today, 29% of consumers use their mobile phone at the point of sale, among which 72% use it to ask a family member or friend for advice about a product.

    Point of view

    1. Digital utility should make it easier for consumers of cosmetic products to make a decision in shop.


    1. 1We considered several technologies of image recognition to help the customer interact with the product at the point of need, as smoothly as possible. The barcode recognition technology by smartphones is now mature enough to be used easily.
    2. 2What we imagined: An innovative mobile experience where consumers can access product information at the point of need by simply scanning the barcode with their phone.
    3. 3With Instant Beauty, women and men easily access the L’Oréal Paris universe: product details, research & ingredients, expert advice, analysis tools, tutorials, consumer reviews, tv ads, etc.
    4. 4The product itself becomes interactive. It is also possible to recommend it to friends by publishing the product on Facebook or Twitter directly from the shop.


    1. Average time spent on the application: 5 minutes
    2. 71% of the videos have been fully watched