L'Oréal Paris

  • Customer issue

    1. In a web environment that is now optimized thanks to Google, when a user is visiting the home page of a site, it means that the user did not know exactly what they were looking for in the first place and/or that they are open to discovery.

    Point of view

    1. A beauty site home page does have a specific role to play which must not be the one of an index, but already proposing content browsing.


    1. Verticality: Scroll is the new click.
    2. Pages where length isn’t a problem so much as a solution to displaying content in new ways.
    3. A modular home page, built with "capsules": spaces to showcase content. The capsules simplify the look and feel of the page whilst offering a great variety of content as of level 0 of the website, so the user can explore without leaving the same page.
    4. Simplification / Linearity / Immersion / Editorialisation.


    1. Following the website reshaping, the average time spent on the home page increased by 40%