• Customer issue

    1. We buy and listen to music online, we visit online forums to prepare trips, we use social networks to recommend what we like, ask questions or answer others…
    2. Why would it not be that simple when it comes to mobile communication services?

    Point of view

    1. The idea: do it all by yourself online, and pay less.
    2. The digital ecosystem must enable the customer to take control and let the concept efficiency be shown.


    1. • The ideas proposed by the community help build the brand: new offers and new applications are created thanks to them.
    2. • A digital ecosystem that’s leveraging all social media platforms for customer interactions.
    3. • No client service, no client hotline: the community of customers themselves answer other customers’ questions.


    1. • 50,000 registered members, more than 6,000 questions and 1,200 ideas… among which 64 have already been realized!
    2. • B&YOU Facebook page ranked 5th in August 2011, in terms of engagement rate.